rehearsal flow 1220610_10151024573060756_653008868_oUCPA offers a variety of styles and levels when it comes to JAZZ and CONTEMPORARY CLASSES from beginner through professional levels.  Our adult classes include proper warmup, progressions and fresh, creative combinations in a variety of styles spanning from lyrical, contemporary, Broadway style jazz and beyond!

Jodi’s Contemporary  class consists of a proper warm-up, a variety of technical progressions and choreography/combos that draw from a wide variety of influential genres including jazz, lyrical, and modern. Jodi encourages dancers to train at every level and age.  Believing in the importance of the mind/body connection, she is a true inspiration to all of her students both amateur and professionals!  For a full view of  all our adult jazz/lyrical and contemporary classes offered at UCPA, please refer to our schedule by clicking on the schedule/prices tab.

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