Children’s Ballet Classes

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 Ballet is the foundation of all other genres of dance.  It is
the most important discipline of dance emphasizing proper body alignment, placement, control,
extension, and Cindy 2 fairiesoverall clean and polished Court Dancerstechnique.  Most of our students take a minimum of two ballet classes per week 
understanding the importance of the consistency and repetition of training on a regular basis.  Our performance team is required to take at least two ballet classes per week as well as stretch and leaps/turns/kicks classes further reinforcing a strong technical background.  

Each year we offer our students the opportunity (optional, not required) to participate in a full scale ballet production offering them the experience and knowledge that such a production can  offer the ballet student in training! Featured here are scenes from our 2016 Ballet Production of “Cinderella”.MiceCindy prince 3Cindy and Prince with miceStep sister


Cindy GM and SS BM